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General welfare of

Entire Student Body
Student Discipline is the Backbone 
of each and every Institution
Student Leadership
The office of the head student deals with matters related with general welfare of the entire student body. 
He/She is a liaison officer between the principal staff, student council and student body. He/She is student representative in the BOM; and a spokesman of both student’s body and the council chair person.  
My motto has always been effective selfless services to all. As a council we are inspired by the support and cooperation we receive from entire staff, counselors and students.
My appeal to current teacher trainees is to remain focused on their goal in order to ensure resounding success.
Search your souls, stick to your ambition and be role models.

Mike Chepkwony
The Head Student
Chimwani Joshua
Deputy Head Student
First I would like to thank the editor in chief Mr. Mark Wabuli who is the Deputy Principal for according me this opportunity to share with you issues pertaining to academics, cleanliness and discipline as per my roles to the college goals are concerned. 
As the deputy I laid some strategies when I was swan into office and some have been implemented. Like utilization of weekends for symposium, group discussion and utilizing preps at night. 
Thirdly, cleanliness is done well during weekends and on daily basis. Discipline is paramount I and the council at large. We have tried to maintain discipline of the college. We usually souse cases concerning students and preach peacefully co-existence among our colleagues.

I thank the administration to have supported the council members in reacting on students grievances through my office positively. Despise financial challenges. 
The council and the administration also worked in hand in hand to ensure that there is peace full co- existence between the two institutions through organizing meetings among the student leaders of the two institution and also student interaction trough co- curricular and religion affairs. 
I am not bound to win but am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed but I am bound to live by light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stand right and stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong.

Kaikai W Lemiso
The Council Secretary

Other Leaders

Strongly coming in as the deputy head woman in charge of all hostels and discipline in school .Am happy to say that the discipline has been good throughout . Discipline is the backbone of each and every institution. It makes an institution run smoothly and moves on high levels. Without discipline its like a river flowing without following its cause .Wish you all the best.
Pamela Libese
Deputy Head Woman
I am Susan Juma the assistant council secretary am pleased to inform you that being the time keeper am the sole dependant how activities run in school at each and every time. Working hand in hand with the dean of curriculum office am also incharge of the school furniture making sure all furniture are kept and well maintained . I also work with the Deputy head woman to make sure the dress code of the college is presentable and lastly am incharge of the council welfare. All the best
Susan Juma
Assistant Council Secretary
Being the head of the most sensitive area in the school. Peter Ochieng and my deputy Barmasai Mercy we work hand in hand to make sure each and every one is satisfied .having our breakfast served at 5:30 Am , tea break at 10:50 Am ,lunch at 1:15 and supper at 6:00 pm. We want to thank you all for your co-operation as we promised to deliver the best services.
Barmasai Mercy
Dining Hall Officer