Education is the core subject
 for Teacher Trainees in the 
Primary Teacher 
Education Curriculum

Over the years, students have posted very sterling examination results 

in Education, a symbol that lecturers in the department

 burn out the midnight oil to ensure success is achieved.

The Education department in Kaimosi  Teachers College is guided by the following  principles:
Motto: Strive for the ideal
Vision: To produce quality teachers
Mission: To teach all men all things
Slogan: You cannot achieve excellent
results if all you can put is average effort

The department boasts of the following 7 widely experienced lecturers:

Mr. Kiplimo Ragor

Head of Department & Educational Psychology and Educational Administration and Management.
Mr. Aggrey Wafula

Head of Subject/ Educational Psychology.
Mr. Tom Mboya

Department secretary/  Foundations of Education and Curriculum Studies.
Mr. Kepha Muchera

Head of Foundations of  Education.
Ms. Jane Musambai

Curriculum  Studies.
Education is the core subject for teacher  trainees in the Primary Teacher Education  curriculum. It is the subject that turns 
students into professional teachers by  equipping them with basic knowledge,  skills, desirable attitudes, values and competencies required in the profession. 

In the same vein, it compliments and  reinforces other subjects taught in Primary Teacher Curriculum and readily meets the 
ever growing demands of the teaching  profession. Indeed, Education as a subject  is the heart, mother and backbone of Primary Teacher Education.
The teaching staff has rich content, impeccable CVs and is never clouded by any personal bias or conflicts of interest.
The lecturers have always espoused the spirit of team teaching and championed for the most part, a multifaceted approach towards guiding students.
Performance in Primary Teacher Education Examination (PTE) Over the years, students have posted very sterling examination results in Education, a symbol that lecturers in the department burn out the midnight oil to ensure success is achieved.
The performance in terms of mean scores, % pass and rank in the college in comparison to 12 other subjects in the last six years was as follows:
From the table shown above, it is evident that a total of 313 students have recorded distinctions in the last six years. This is no mean achievement and it has ensured that students leave Kaimosi Teachers College as
better teachers and having added value to their professional careers. Between 2010 and 2014, only 14 students were referred in the subjects.
2015 was a unique year with a unique group of candidates because
the advent of the university seriously affected their concentration and hence compromised their performance. It is important however to note that by and large, female students have continued to score better grades than their male counterparts and that students in option A have outsmarted those in option B.

Challenges that have been met in the department 
  1. The advent of the university has brought about a cultural shift which has made the students less likely to concentrate in academic activities specially class attendance and revision with far reaching ramifications.  
  2. Male students and those pursuing option B subjects have continued to lag behind in performance.
  3. Inadequate reference books in the library. Most students don’t have personal copies and the learning resource is not well spaced nor well stocked. 
  4. Complacence on the part of some students who erroneously hold the believe that Education is simple. Subsequently, they fail to prepare adequately and thus register dismal results in the final analysis.
Strengths of the department
  1. Commitment and dedication of lecturers  which has always led to generally commendable performance. 
  2. Presence of a vibrant Education Club under the patronship of Mr. Olando. 
  3. Invitation of external speakers especially  the Chief Examiner of PTE Examinations to guide candidates on techniques of answering questions 
  4. Well organized internal symposiums and  thorough revision using group work. 
  5. The lecturers in the department consider  themselves as one family, relate in a loving and harmonious manner and celebrate successes together and stand together when misfortunes strike. 
  6. Lecturers in the department value and  cherish team work and work efficiently with minimum supervision.
Moving  Forward
Going forward, the members of the  Education department have put down 
plans and structures to ensure that  students gain adequate professional 
competencies before they graduate from  the college. The departmental mean 
target of 4.0 will always guide the PTE  examinations preparations and the motto, 
vision, mission shall underscore the fabric  of the Education Department.
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