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"My Primary responsibility is to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness 
and consistency in administration
 of Student Discipline."
Deputy Principal
From Deputy Principal
Students Discipline is Key for Any Success in All Educational Institutions
Education is the engine for any social –  economic development of a society. 
Kaimosi Teachers College is an  Educational Institution which is a center of Excellence in the provision of Quality Teacher Training. 
It provide accessible, relevant, equitable and innovative  quality teacher training responsive  to the needs of a dynamic society. In  order to realize the college vision and mission, the office of Deputy Principal is responsible in molding the students into responsible citizens by inculcating values  and right attitude towards formation of good character. 
The Primary responsibility of Deputy  Principal is to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness and Consistency in administration of student discipline. 

The interface to achieve the Principal responsibility of above said office includes;
  • All Sections & Departments

  • Tutor on duty

  • Dean of Students

  • Dean of Curriculum

  • Office of the Principal

The description of interactions with the  above interfaces include receiving; Indiscipline reports , Resolved cases & Referral cases.
The performance indicators in  Administration of students discipline are as follows;

  • Performance targets which are; Indiscipline cases resolved & 100% analysis of indiscipline cases.

  • Monitoring and measurement tools includes; Minutes, Declaration of obedience, Updated discipline register

Administration of students discipline is  key for any success in all Educational  Institutions and therefore it calls for 
teamwork from all stakeholders.
Any success or failure is a shared  responsibility.
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Students’ concentration in class & Participation in college programmes enhances discipline.