Annual Cultural  Festival
Nurturing Creative Talent as
 a unique tool of Teaching 
National Values
In response to Curriculum Review needs which focus on competence based educational programmes, Kaimosi TTC endevour to produce all rounded, resourceful and adaptable teachers. And given that Talent is an ingredient of bursting income generating industry, we encourage our trainees by offering them opportunities to nurture their artistic potential. 

Kaimosi boasts of the face of Kenya, inhabited by students and staff from all parts of Kenya; which is why we have introduced an Annual Cultural Festival to enable them to take cognizance of Cultural Diversity and appreciate the Kenya’s rich distinctive cultures. 
As a community we have succeeded in using this forum to expand choices on personal cultural orientation, nurture a variety of skills, inculcate positive human values, afford objective word views and resultant effective communicative skills. 

We have also enabled intercultural understanding among our students, staff, neighbors and friends; which is our humble contribution to National Cohesion. We shall continue with this noble program so that our cultures are respected as the living and dynamic contexts within which human beings find their values and identity. 

This year , we held our 16th Edition of our Annual Cultural Festival on Thursday 03rd to Friday 04th November, 2016 at the Old Campus; under the Theme: Nurturing Creative Talent as a unique tool of Teaching National Values. Participants will showcase Pageantry, Stage Play, Folk Song, Cultural Creative Dance, Oral Narrative, Stand Up Comedy, Contemporary Tunes, Poetry, Modern Dance and Kenyan Traditional Dishes. 
The Objectives of our Annual Cultural Festival are Summarized Thus:
  1. Facilitate the development of artistic potential and talent among the students for holistic growth into resourceful professionals and responsible citizens.  
  2. Create a platform for the Youth to learn values from diverse cultures.  
  3. Appreciate, develop, preserve and promote Kenya’s positive diverse cultures.  
  4. Provide a forum for Kenyan Learners and Artists to interact and co-exist peacefully, creatively and productively as members of one cohesive Nation.  
  5. Develop participants’ capacity to express feelings, ideas and thoughts so as to enable effective communication.  
  6. Educate and create awareness on topical and emerging issues affecting the contemporary society.  
  7. Provide an avenue for entertainment and quality utilization of time and resources. 

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  1.  Compulsory Genres.
a)Pageantry Contest: Photogenic attributes catwalk, attire display, communication skills, traditional dishes and artifacts.  
b)The Stage Play  
c)Folk song  
d)Cultural Creative Dance  
e)Elective Categories  
2) Either Oral Narrative or Stand –up Comedy
a) Either Choral Verse or Zilizopendwa
b) Either Modern Dance or Solo Verse
3.) Adjudication Bench: 
Constitutes three people based on gender balance, knowledge in the genres and vast experience as artistic practitioners. They must inspire confidence in the participants and relevant stakeholders of the event

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