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 "I wish to highlight the achievements and 

challenges we have faced since we started."

Chief Principal

From Principal’s Desk

So far the following have been done by the Board: Building garage for college vehicles, which has been temporarily converted to an open kitchen/Dining hall.

As we launch The Hill of Vision magazine for  Kaimosi Teachers Training College. I wish to  sincerely thank the team that has worked  hard to ensure this edition comes out. The energy exhibited by Mr. Mark Wabuli and his team to produce this magazine is worth commending. 

I wish to highlight the achievements and  challenges we have faced since the Teachers  College and Kaimosi Friends University College started  co-existing in 2014. As  KAFUCO came in, there was anxiety within the college fraternity that the teachers  college was being killed. The workers feared  they would lose their jobs while the teaching staff feared being transferred to other  colleges. The climax of their fears was the gazettement of KAFUCO. 

These fears were  allayed/removed when the Friends church allocated the teachers college part of the  land belonging to Kaimosi Boys Hogh School  for relocation. H.E Rev. Moses Akaranga, the Governor of Vihiga County officiated  at the ground breaking of the new site for  contraction to begin. He pledged to give kshs.  25 million and engaged a contractor to start  constructing five classrooms and two hostels  to accommodate hundred students. The MP  for Hamisi constituency Hon. Charles Gimose  pledged to construct a hostel worthy kshs. 5 million. When the construction began,  there was hope of the college continuing to  exist. Furthermore the Ministry of Education  gave the college shs. 2 million for fencing  the land at the new site and putting up a gate. Later the college received more funding from the Ministry to the tune of kshs.13 million in June 2016. The college started  constructing a storey building consisting of 12 classrooms. 

We thank the Ministry,  County government of Vihiga and CDF Hamisi 
for their tremendous support.   The Board of management of Kaimosi  Teachers College under the chairmanship of Mr. Johnston Kavuludi, EBS, HSC  supplemented the construction through  proper planning, implementation and  overseeing the projects. 


So far the following have

been done by the Board;

Landscaping part of the field
Toilets for men and women
Showers/Bathrooms for men
Building garage for college vehicles
Protecting water springs & pumping clean water
Electricity supply to the new site
Construction of a Septic tank
Construction of Classrooms & Hostels
Besides the above achievement, the college has also automated the issuance of receipts in the Finance department.
Since 2014, when the university college came in, we had to stagger our intake by one year. For two years, we had only one group
until September 2016 when we revolved back to having both 1st and 2nd year students totaling to 1000 students (600 2nd years and 400 1st years) We have continued to do well in academic and extracurricular activities even when we were operating at half of the students’ capacity.

However, we have faced a lot of challenges since 2014. They include the following among others:
  1. Many of our income generating projects  went underground e.g. forestry, poultry,  horticulture, seminars etc. 
  2. Conflict with the university when the  college was harvesting the trees that it  planted. The matter ended up in court. This created bad blood between the TTC and  KAFUCO. 
  3. The facilities that we have are constrained  i.e classrooms, hostels, Library, computer  rooms. 
  4. First year students have to walk to and fro m the new site – a distance of 3 km for tuition. Things are worse when it is raining the road  becomes muddy. When it is not raining the road is too dusty. 
  5. Frequent agitation by the university  students affect the smooth operation of the  college. 
  6. Many of the teaching staff were  transferred and we have a serious shortage of tutors.
I wish to thank the church for standing with us throughout to extend of giving us their Guest House to be used by our male students as hostels.
I also wish to thank our students for their resilience and understanding the challenges we are facing. 
I commend the students’ leaders for demonstrating mature leadership.
Special thanks go to the Ministry of Education, the County Director of Education, the Community, teaching and non-teaching staff for their unwavering support during this time of transition.

Margaret Ruttoh (Mrs.)
Chief Principal